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Who are we?

We take care of children and adults suffering from chronic and incurable diseases. Lodz Hospice for Children was the first health centre in Poland using mechanical ventilation for children with chronic respiratory insufficiency in their own homes. Currently the Hospice is the leading centre of home ventilation for children and adults in Lodz and Lodz province. It provides home treatment with a respirator for patients with respiratory insufficiency and all twenty-four-hour medical-nursing assistance, rehabilitation classes and psychological-pedagogic help. Moreover, the Hospice serves patients, both children and adults afflicted by incurable illnesses and genetic syndromes all day and night medically, psychologically, socially, pedagogically and pastorally. It also supports patients’ families during nursing and in the mourning time. Lodz Hospice for Children is non-governmental organization and since November 2007 it has had the status of the organization of public utility.

At present (data on 06.03.2012) Lodz Hospice for Children looks after fifty-nine patients, forty-nine of whom are children and youngsters ( suffering from young children illnesses) and ten adults which makes us the biggest hospice for children in Lodz province.

Sources of finance: means according to National Health Fund contract.


Work organization

The Hospice assists patients twenty-four hours seven days a week.

There are seven company cars at its employees’ disposal. Nurses and physiotherapists visit patients at their homes twice a week, while the doctors examine them once a week. Teams of doctors and nurses are on telephone duty during the night and holidays.

Meeting with volunteers take place once a week, Friday 4pm in Lodz Hospice for Children headquarters.

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