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Lodz Hospice for Children Association was founded in 1999 with the aim of enabling the incurably- ill children to be back home from hospital. Till that time due to the necessity of being constantly medically attended and diagnosed by expensive medical apparatus the children had been hospitalized for years on Intensive Therapy and Specialist wards of pediatric hospitals. The Association set up NZOZ (Non-Public Health Care Institution) Lodz Hospice for Children and Adults to serve the purpose. Accomplishing the statutory targets of the Association NZOZ Lodz Hospice for Children and Adults takes care of children and adults inflicted by chronic, incurable conditions. It was the first centre in Poland to use mechanical ventilation for children with chronic respiratory insufficiency at their homes. At present it is the leading centre of home ventilation for children and adults in Lodz and its province. It runs home treatment with a respirator for patients with respiratory insufficiency providing all day and night medical-nursing care, rehabilitation classes and psychological-pedagogical assistance. Moreover, the Hospice cares medically, psychologically, socially, pedagogically and pastorally for its patients, children and adults, suffering from incurable diseases, cancer and genetic conditions. It supports patients’ families during care and mourning. Lodz Hospice for Children is a non-governmental organization and since November 2007 it has been an institution of public utility.


As a non-governmental Non Profit organization the Association receives financial means from donations of physical and legal entities.

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