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The history of Lodz Hospice for Children

The idea of founding and development of Lodz Hospice for Children was presented in April 1999 during the meeting in Lodz Archdiocese Caritas. The lecture entitled ‘Lodz Hospice for Children – yesterday, today and tomorrow…’ was given by Doctor Piotr Stengert, the chairman of the Hospice founding committee. On 29th September 1999 the Lodz provincial governor registered Non-Public Health Centre known as Lodz Hospice for Children. Since then Lodz Hospice for Children, as the third one after Warsaw and Lublin, has taken care of all the groups of chronically-ill children. Among our patients there are those using various methods of home inhalation support. Dawid, now a sixteen-year-old patient from Głowno, was the first one to use this method since he was four months old. In 1999-2005 Lodz Hospice for Children was located at 12/14 Pasterska Street. In 1999-2006 medical and non-medical staff of Lodz Hospice for Children were employed and trained. Since 7th November 2005 the Hospice head office is located  at 10 Nastrojowa Street. There are the following functional rooms:  briefing room, medical equipment storeroom, doctor’s surgery, mourning support room, administrative office room, library and NZOZ (Non-Public Health Care Institution) Manager and Association Board room. On 1st March 2000 the first contract guaranteeing home palliative care for children was signed with Lodz Regional Health-Insurance Fund and in April 2003 the contract of ‘home mechanical ventilation’. In 2003 the Hospice care embraced also adults and Lodz Hospice for Children and Adults was registered. On 21st November 2007 the Hospice received  The Institution of Public Utility status. In 2008 ISO 9001-2008 quality management system was introduced. The schedule of the Hospice work is aimed at assuring patients’ safety by satisfying their needs as for their stable wellbeing. We do our best to relieve their physical as well as mental suffering. The main Hospice task is to equip patients with indispensable inhalation apparatus (respirators, BiPAPs, Caugh Assists), provide medical treatment, rehabilitation of patients with respiratory insufficiency problems and maintenance of medical appliances. Caring for their physical and mental state we have been organizing integration events of patients and their families on Children’s Day for the last eleven years. Another regularly scheduled event is Christmas, during which various artists perform and ‘A Friend of Lodz Hospice for Children’ certificates are awarded. We share the holy wafer and obviously give our patients Christmas gifts. Lodz Hospice for Children also runs a support group for families in bereavement, provides social help in various social conditions matters, like residence, fuel for winter months, food supplements, groceries, hygienic and chemical goods. We co-organized two recreation-rehabilitation camps in Zarzęcin in The Sulejowski Lagoon in 2002-2003 and co-financed the mourning families pilgrimage to The Vatican in 2003 and to Medjugorie in 2002. Since 2008 we have been organizing cyclic pilgrimages to sanctuaries in Poland. During our twelve-years’ activity we have won support of many donors who have constantly given us financial and material assistance and help us realize our statutory aims. We have managed to establish a cooperation with numerous companies supplying the Hospice with specialist medical equipment. Since 2008 we have been making efforts to purchase an estate from the Municipal Council of Lodz with the aim of building the Hospice with Mechanical Ventilation Ward. In November 2010 the City Council of Lodz passed a resolution to sell Lodz Hospice for Children Association the building ground for the construction of Multi-Profile Centre for Chronically-ill Children, which will be the realization of the second phase of the Association’s concept included in ‘Lodz Hospice for Children – yesterday, today and tomorrow…’ lecture.



Since 1999 we have benefited 176 patients. Our charges can count on medical help, a psychologist, pedagogue, priest as well as social worker’s assistance. Lodz Hospice for Children serves 24-7. Currently there are 59 patients under our care from Lodz and Lodz province tended by 16 doctors, 15 nurses and 9 physiotherapists. Every day our workers hurry to incurably-ill children’s aid covering 450 thousand kilometers yearly.


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