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Organika Budowlani Łódź Club

Volleyball is one of the rarest team sports in which Poland is able to compete with the best teams of the world. Organika Budowlani Łódź Club was founded in 1948 and its women’s section in the 70s. In late 80s the section was disbanded and the club took interest in other sports disciplines. The situation continued until 2005 when the club aimed to get promoted to  Extraklasa (Premiership) during the next three seasons and it succeeded in its resolution.

In 2006/2007 season the team won the league without losing a set. In 2007/2008 it won the second league having been defeated only once out of twenty-two games. In 2008/2009 the team achieved remarkable victory in the Premiership and got promoted to Plus Women’s League. In 2009/2010 season Organika Budowlani Łódź completed Premiership Volleyball Tournament on the fourth position.

On 27-28th March 2010 Cup of Poland in women’s volleyball took place. KS Organika Budowlani defeated Aluprof Bielsko-Biała ( a defending title holder) and Muszynianka Muszyna (the champion of Poland), thus assuring the participation in the next year’s ‘elite’ Women Champions League. Their success restores Lodz volleyball splendour, which once used to reach the height of power ( championships and Cup of Poland for Łks, Start Łódź and ChKS Łódź).

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In the photos you can see Franek with Małgosia Niemczyk and Marta Pluta. The boy turned three in February and he is Lodz Hospice for Children patient suffering from Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)



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