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Piotr Rubik


Piotr Rubik was born 3rd September 1968 in Warsaw. Since childhood he learned to become a cellist, first at Emil Mlynarski Primary Music School in Warsaw, next at Karol Szymanowski Secondary Music School in Warsaw and finally at Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw. While a cello player he cooperated with numerous highly acclaimed orchestras such as Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra and Sinfonia Varsovia. From a child he knew that his main passion was composition. In his artistic career he has collaborated with great performers writing compositions, providing accompaniment on the piano and conducting concerts. As a music producer he has released over 30 albums, among other artists, for Michał Bajor and Małgorzata Walewska. ‘Dotyk’ sung by Edyta Górniak became his first hit. Rubik writes film music as well (‘Ja wam pokażę’, ‘Ryś’, to name a few). Large Polish film productions such as ‘Quo vadis’ or ‘Zemsta’ were promoted by his compositions. He is also the composer of radio and television signature tunes (‘Wiadomości’, ‘Tomasz Lis na Żywo’ and musical setting of Channel 1 of Polish Radio). He has gained most of his popularity because of his large scale vocal-intrumental forms, such as ‘Tu es Petrus’ or ‘September Psalter’ oratorios. Hits from these pieces, like ‘ Let them say it’s not love’ (claimed the song of all times by Zet Radio) or ‘Psalm for You’ topped the pop charts for weeks on. Piotr Rubik’s records were sold in thousands. He is a laureate of many awards. Among them there are: the first place in Jedynka  in 2005 Sopot Festival, Super Jedynka for the best album of a year and Super Super Jedynka for the most popular performer of 2006, 2006 Wiktor, 2007 Telekamera, the first place in 2007 Top Trendy festival  ( also 2008 and 2009 Top Trendy statuettes), 2007 Teraz Polska, 2007 Róże Gali.


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