Donate 1% of the income tax to the Patients of Lodz Hospice for Children



For 12 years we have been looking after children and adults afflicted by chronic and terminal diseases. Lodz Hospice for Children became the first centre in Poland where mechanical ventilation was implemented in home treatment of children suffering from chronic respiratory insufficiency. At present (the state on 1st January 2012) there are 62 patients being looked after by Lodz Hospice for Children, among of whom 33 are children, 19 teenagers (afflicted by childhood diseases) and 10 adults. 


Lodz Hospice for Children Association is present in the list of Non-Governmental Organizations entitled to receive 1% of the income tax from individuals in the year 2011


Donating 1% of the income tax to Lodz Hospice for Children you help terminally ill children and their parents. Remember, 1% of your income tax means expensive medical equipment enabling terminally ill children to come back home. 

How to do it? It’s very easy.

1.      Calculate 1% of your income tax and write it in ‘wnioskowana kwota’ (requested amount) blank 

2.      In your tax return form write in our number KRS (NCR): 0000159689 (in KRS number blank)

3.      Send your annual tax return form to the appropriate Tax Office by 30th April 2012 

4.      Use our free of charge program for calculating your annual income tax



Who can donate 1%?

1% of the income tax can be donated to Lodz Hospice for Children by taxpayers calculating their taxes on the basis of the following tax return forms:

  • PIT 28
  • PIT 36
  • PIT 36
  • PIT 36L
  • PIT 37
  • PIT 38
  • PIT 39

The retired and individuals having their taxes calculated by the employer can also donate 1%

Wishing to do so, you should completethe tax return form PIT-37 yourself, however. In this case not yourZUS (Social Insurance Board) form but PIT form with your signature istaken into account. Source: Gazeta Prawna, 26 kwietnia 2008 r. In a similar situation are those whosetaxes are calculated by their employers.

It's really very simple. We inviteanyone who would like to donate to us their 1% of the income tax –we will assist to complete your tax return form.

A taxpayer is entitled to agree to givetheir personal data concerning their name, surname and address toNon-Governmental Organisation. This data is sent to NGOs by the TaxOffice on the basis of the consent expressed by a taxpayer on PITform. A taxpayer circles the appropriate blank (item 134 in PIT 28,item 310 in PIT 36, item 110 in PIT 36L, item 129 in PIT 37, item 63in PIT 38). Source

The Tax Office is obliged to sent 1% ofour income tax within 3 months' time. Legal basis: 26thJuly 1991 Personal Income Tax Act, Article XLV,Section 5c (Journal of Laws-Dz.U.00.14.176 with further changes)


How do we make use of the funds giving to us?

There is a database of NGOs' annual reports on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Department of Public Benefit. All you have to do to familiarise yourself with the annual reports is to tap Lodz Hospice for Children NCR number – KRS 0000 159689 

The reports can also be found on our website:  see reports

In return for showing us your kind-heartedness and engagement in bringing relief to our children, whose time passes too quickly, we would like to show our gratitude and express great thankfulness from our Patients, their families and all of our Hospice staff.

Lodz Hospice for Children Bank Account Number

64 1240 3060 1111 3452 4833



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