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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Employees- volunteers render various kinds of service for the needy. They use their skills and capabilities developing their talents in other areas at the same time. A company delegates its worker to work as a volunteer during their working hours and provides non-cash, logistic and financial support.

The research carried out on the initiative of ENGAGE business campaign among companies in 11 countries shows that almost 70% of them participate in such programs, 75% of representatives of the firms claim that employees’ involvement is one of the most effective ways of helping local communities.

In corporate volunteering anyone can become a volunteer according to Article I, Section 3 of the Act of 24th April 2003 about public benefits and voluntary work – Journal of Laws  of 29th April 2003 – a volunteer is a person who voluntarily and free of charge renders services on the basis of rules determined by the Act. Not only an employer, who is a single entity conducting economic activity, can become a volunteer. The employer as an ordinary person, not as a business entity (legal person), can also get involved in voluntary service together with their employees. A person employed on the basis of a labour contract as well as others cooperating with an employer permanently on the basis of other legal titles ( freelancing, the so-called self-employment, assignment) can also participate in corporate volunteering program. The function, position or the range of responsibilities are irrelevant. The most important thing is to support an engaged corporate volunteer, e.g. letting him work voluntarily during their working hours according to the given rules (e.g. one day a year) paying him a standard salary.


Benefits for the company – internal

  • integration of employees and increasing their job satisfaction;
  • improving employees’ skills according the plans of individual development – acquiring new abilities, social skills and new experience,
  • a change of perception of the company which becomes a place not only to earn a living, but also to realize other life goals;
  • boosting energy and motivation in the whole company,
  • integration by changes,
  • tightening emotional bonds and loyalty of employees with the company,
  • easier recruitment and retaining valuable employees,
  • elements of positive competitiveness (through initiative competitions, volunteering projects, etc.);
  • involving employees in decision-making process;
  • natural way of selecting leaders;
  • creating employees’ morale and prestige;
  • building a net of cooperation among different departments in the company;
  • improving department and employees communication;
  • post-merger and take-over integration.



Benefits for the company – external

  • creating an image of a responsible and socially committed company,
  • positive acceptance of the company mission and brand,
  • winning confidence of the local community, thus effective and non-conflict functioning in a given environment,
  • influence on the habits, preferences and demand for the company products;
  • competitive position on western markets where the idea of social business responsibility is common
  • integral element of social rapport of the company.


Benefits for an employee

  • satisfaction from useful and valuable work for others;
  • verification of life values and beliefs;
  • finding an outlet for inspiration and creative thinking;
  • facilitating self-development, self-understanding and improvement;
  • a way to realize interests and passions;
  • becoming aware of one’s individual potential;
  • a way to release work stress;
  • overcoming negative stereotypes about sick and disabled people;
  • becoming aware of the needs and tasks of the whole community and its inherent potential.



Examples of corporate volunteering

  • factual support (consultations, trainings, translations, organizational and office help,  membership of association board of directors, etc.);
  • material help (collection of clothes, school equipment, toys, books, games, sweets, medicines, flower seedlings, etc. organized by workers);
  • service help ( redecoration, building, gardening, setting the internet connection, etc.);
  • helping other person ( accompanying, supporting, giving lessons, promoting interests, helping in administrative matters,  having fun together, etc.).
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