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Rights and duties of a volunteer


-          volunteers do not get paid for their work,

-         they must hold qualifications and perform orders according to the kind and range of rendered help if law obliges them to do so, e.g. taking part in fund raising actions does not require extra qualifications while giving an injection can be performed only by a qualified person ( with a nursing certificate),

-         the underage can become a volunteer only with their parent’s or custodian’s written consent (consent form)


-volunteers receive an obligatory written agreement (contract) if the volunteer’s service is longer than 30 days. In the first 30 days the beneficiary is obliged to confirm the agreement in writing if a volunteer wishes so. Otherwise, an oral agreement is sufficient. The document must include information about the range of duties and time of rendering voluntary service as well as terms of cancelling the agreement. (agreement form);

-On a volunteer’s request the beneficiary confirms the contents of an agreement, issues a written certificate and opinion of rendered service;

-the beneficiary is obliged to inform a volunteer about their duties and rights and provides access to information;

-a volunteer is eligible to receive any needed assistance in case of an accident while performing their duties

-a volunteer must be notified about any risk for their health and safety connected with their work as well as rules of safeguard against any possible threats. They must also be provided with hygienic and safe working conditions, proper means of individual protection dependent on the kind of work and possible threats resulting from it;

-the beneficiary is obliged to cover official travel costs and subsistence allowance;

-if a volunteer performs their duties for less than 30 days they are entitled to an accident insurance granted by the beneficiary. On the basis of a written agreement a volunteer is insured by the state if they render their service for over 30 days.

The beneficiary may cover volunteer’s other indispensable expenses and training fees but it is not a prerequisite.



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