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Be a Super Top!

International Festival of Volunteering

From 28th July to 3rd August the 3rd edition of International Festival of Volunteering Kontakt Lodz is held by Proem Foundation in co-operation with the City of Lodz Office. Kontakt Festival is series of practical activities taken by local, national and international volunteers to the benefit of the city. There are several aims of the action: in the first place, spreading the idea of voluntary service, then setting good example of positive influence on reality around us as well as showing examples of good co-operation serving the city and its residents. Last year over 150 volunteers from Poland, the USA, Ireland, Ukraine and Belarus took part. This year volunteers from Lodz Hospice for Children are joining the action. On 2nd August from 5 o’clock pm we are running art workshop. We warmly welcome you. Everyone will have a chance to decorate cardboard houses with bottle tops.


We wish to invite all Lodz residents to join the action of collecting plastic bottle tops – Be a Super Top. On 2nd August 2013 we are waiting in Manufaktura Market Square for those wishing to bring bottle tops.


We would like to invite all people wishing to take part in Be a Super Top Project run by Lodz Hospice for Children Association. This ecological undertaking through collecting bottle tops, part of recycling process, will support Lodz Hospice for Children patients to make their dreams come true.

How can you help us?

  • join our Be a Super Top action
  • collect bottle tops anywhere, in the kindergarten, school, workplace
  • collect bottle tops at home and hand them to the appointed collection points
  • encourage your nearest and dearest to collect bottle tops and join the action for Hospice
  • join the action on our Facebook profile and share it with others on yours
  • become a coordinator of the action in your neighbourhood, apply for promotion materials and help create new collection points.

How does it work?

  • you collect bottle tops and bring them to one of our collection points. (currently at the seat of Lodz Hospice for Children, 10 Nastrojowa Str)
  • our coordinators bring them to the seat of the Hospice
  • together with volunteers we arrange transportation to a recycling company
  • the company processes the tops to pellets and give it to re-use
  • the money raised from the action we dedicate to make our patients’ dreams come true.
  • the children get invaluable help with satisfying their desires
  • we get our ill child’s radiant smile
  • the environment get invaluable support in the fight for keeping it clean
  • thanks to the action we introduce good habits of careful waste management


What to collect?

Plastic bottle top of:

  • mineral water
  • juice and drinks
  • lotions and shampoo
  • coffee, tea etc

You can also collect:

  • plastic stoppers
  • Kinder surprise packaging
  • spoons and measuring spoons e.g. ones attached to milk powder or syrup
  • other plastic parts signed with PP, PE, HDPE, LDPD capital letters in a triangle

All the collected things must be clean, free from metal parts (e.g. metal dispenser springs), insulating cardboards (mostly in coffee or tea tops), stickers

Hop to top!

  • about 300-500 tops makes 1kg (depends on their weight)
  • 13-15kg tops makes 1 bad of 120 litres
  • about 65 bags makes 1 ton
  • 3,5 tons tops makes 1 dream

One bottle top means nothing but disposed in the container of Be a Super Top becomes valuable contribution to creating and realising dreams of Lodz Hospice for Children patients

We accept and appreciate any extra pair of hands. One person is able to collect approximately a dozen or so kilograms yearly. However, joining our efforts our action can bring lots of smile and happiness to our patients.

We welcome and count on you!

Be a Super Hero for Lodz Hospice for Children right now. Join us and become A SUPER TOP!

Our action has already been joined by:


Materials to download:

Application form

Be a Super Top poster


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