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Agata Kornhauser - Duda
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‘Children for Children’ – charity concert

On 11th May  ‘Children for Children’ charity concert took place in Pabianice Municipal Centre of Culture. 4 Municipal Kindergarten in Pabianice together with Parents were the originator and organizer of the event. Children, youngsters from kindergartens and primary schools also participated eagerly. There appeared representatives of a dozen educational centres. Apart from that they prepared some artworks in return for generosity of sponsors and donors. Pabianice companies and private persons contributed financially, too. The total proceeds of 6637 zlotys, in accordance with organizers’ will, were transferred to organizing this year Children’s Day of Lodz Hospice of Children patients. We are much obliged  to all those who showed sensitivity to the cause and arranged the event.

Workers of Żywiec Group renovate at Patrick’s place

Workers of Lodz Branch Żywiec Group, as part of voluntary work, completed the project of helping the family under our Hospice care. The objective of the project was to renovate child bedroom, buy a bunk bed, bookcase and a table where the children can do their homework and spend time together. After three-day renovation all of us went to the cinema to watch 3D cartoon.

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