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‘Celebrity at hand’ at 18 Junior High School

On 5th June 18 Junior High School in Lodz organized a charitable meeting called ‘Celebrity at hand’. A Special Guest this time was Pawel Biba Binkiewicz, a participant of the second edition of ‘X Factor’ TV program. He shared his impressions of taking part in the music program, disclosed his plans for the future as well as sang his own interpretation of Jamiroquai’s  ‘Love Foolosophy’ song. The Special Guest distributed surprise gifts to the whole audience. Pawel Biba Binkiewicz is 29 years old and comes from Grojec from a family of musical traditions. He has been singing for the last four months in ‘Flying Umbrellas’ band. Horses, horse riding and photography are his other passions.

The total collection of the event accounted for 977.20 PLN and was passed to Meetings for Children’s Day organization in Lodz Hospice for Children. Cordial thanks!

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