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There are situations in life that take one's breath away. It happened when we received a donation from Zosia- a nine-year-old girl from Warsaw who gave the money she got for her First Communion to the charges of Lodz Hospice for Children. Zosia wanted to share what she got with a child who is taken care of by the Hospice.

Thanks to Zosia's gift, Patryk- our charge- received a special matress preventing bed sores and thus improving Patryk's comfort. Since Patryk is incapable of moving by himself, the right matress enables him to get the right laying position.

When a child helps another child selflessly, we – as adults – can only be ashamed and question our own compassion. We thank Zosia not only on Partyk's behalf, but also on ours, for her help and being moved by her action, which gives us strength in daily work with suffering children.


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