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Independence Picnic and pea soup for the hospice PDF

Independence Day, celebrated on 11 November, is an occasion to be happy together about freedom of the homeland. The freedom fought for and worked on should be appreciated and the joy on this celebration day can be shown in various ways. On that day, for the third time, was the Independence Picnic in Lodz Manufaktura. The participants saw the Marshall! Everyone who came to the market square of Manufaktura could take part in attractions prepared by reconstruction groups, scouts, or museums. One of the attractions was real army pea soup which could give some warmth on that cold day. The pea soup was not served by soldiers but by volunteers of Lodz Hospice for Children. This way we collected money for supporting our hospice.

We collected 1282,72 pln! We experienced another time friendliness of Manufaktura and involvement of vountaries who got to the hearts of the poeple of Lodz. We thank everyone for remembering about us and supporting our activities, for supporting our fight to better the conditions of the charges of Lodz Hospice for Children.

Fot. : Michał Eysymontt


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