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Hospice among preschoolers PDF

As of 2013 every year 20 September is celebrated as the Preschooler's Day. The environment of Lodz preschools started this initiative four years earlier and decided to organize celebrations of this day. This year thanks to the Polish Parliament's decision of 13 September 2013 this day was officially celebrated as the Polish Preschooler's Day. For this occasion there was a big event on the Market Square of Manufaktura which was attended by about 2000 preschoolers from the whole country. There were a lot of attractions for the little ones, worth mentioning is a demonstration of the work of firemen and policemen. There were clowns on stilts, tug of war, singing and dancing together... There really were a lot of things going on. We were also at this event.

Ania and Mariusz for Children PDF

On Saturday the 15th of September Ania and Mariusz said to each other their sacramental ”Yes”. They responded to the call of love and invited it to their lives in order to build their future on it. On their wedding day we wish Anna and Mariusz's love would talk to them constantly and always have the last word.

We thank Anna and Mariusz for the money collected on their Wedding Ceremony which they donated to the charges of the Hospice. We are happy that their love speaks not just words but also beautiful deeds.

”Little Ones for the Little Ones” from Lodz Hospice for Children PDF

On 17 August participants the Rally of Fiat 126p appeared on the market square in Manufaktura. It was the Tenth Polish Rally of the Fiat 126p. There were exceptional cars in an exceptional place. We all know them as ”little ones” that were the objects of dreams of many Polish families. Many of us had a sentiment for them and drivers in Saturday afternoon presented amazing skills of these cars. This year Fiats were decorated with flags ”We support building Lodz Hospice for Children”, for which we thank the Organizers of the Rally.

”Handicapped with Full Rights” PDF

We recommend watching a report from the series ”Handicapped with Full Rights” which mentions also the problems of the charges of ”Lodz Hospice for Children”.

International Festival of Voluntareeing PDF

On the days between the 28.07. and 3.08.2013 there was the 3rd edition of International Festival of Voluntareeing Kontakt Lodz organized by Proem Foundation in cooperation with the city of Lodz. Festival Kontakt is a series of practical activities to the benefit of the city with participation of local volunteers as well as the ones from other parts of the country and from abroad. Its purpose is to spread the idea of voluntareeing, show examples of positive influence on surrounding reality and good cooperation for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants. The previous year there were over 150 volunteers from Poland, USA, Ireland, Ukraine and Belarus. This year volunteers from Lodz Hospice for Children who on  2.08.2013 carried out art workshops joined the action. We would like to encourage inhabitants of Lodz to join the action of collecting lids- BECOME A LIDDER! Until the end of the year lids can be put in our yellow containers next to the entrance to Manufaktura.

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