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Home Hospice

Palliative/hospice care is an overall conduct aiming at improving the quality of a patient’s life and his relatives struggling with all the problems resulting from life-threatening progressing illness. It is performed through preventing and bringing relief in suffering by early detection, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment including pain killing, dyspnoea and other somatic symptoms. It also comes up with solution of various psycho-social and spiritual problems. The last, but not least is the support during disease and in the time of bereavement.


Home hospice staff render services of palliative-hospice care to patients in terminal condition, with cancer and other non-malignant diseases.

Health (hospice) care, like long-term rendered at patient’s home, is provided with cooperation of a primary health care doctor, nurse and midwife.

General criteria of patient admission to home hospice:

-         terminal state of an incurable illness;

-         a patient is looked after at least by one carer on 24-hour basis;

-         a patient is not subject to a life-prolonging therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, intensive therapy, etc.);

-         a patient should consciously agree on that kind of treatment, in case of a child its custodian.


While taking care patients and their families/custodians are given detailed instructions concerning nursing and therapeutic procedures. They are also provided with telephone numbers of home hospice staff ready to serve with any medical advice all days of a week. In emergency the staff pay a visit at patient’s home.


A procedure for referring children and adults to home hospice:


A hospital or primary health care ( POZ) doctor’s order (on the form: A referral to hospital) is the ground for taking under long-term home care medical staff.

A patient or relatives should refer the sick to Lodz Hospice for Children at phone number

42- 656 9797 where they can receive all the necessary information connected with further procedure.


The order must also include:


-         a patient’s hospital information card;

tests results possessed by a patient or relatives

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