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Children and adults mechanical ventilation

Lodz Hospice for Children care for the sick with respiratory insufficiency who require invasive breathing therapy with a respirator (through a tracheotomy tube) or no-invasive with various mouthpieces and masks), but not requiring hospitalization on intensive therapy wards, all-day stay in care institution, constant specialist doctor’s supervision or professional nursing and rehabilitation.

Patients with proper home conditions and trained family members ( guardians), as for the operating medical apparatus and rendering first aid in a safe way, can be taken under long-term home care of the hospice. Trainings are run by the hospice staff.

Health (hospice) care, like long-term rendered at patient’s home, is provided with cooperation of  a primary health care doctor, nurse and midwife.

A patient should consciously agree on that kind of treatment, in case of a child its guardian.

The following patients are eligible for long-term home care:

-         documents testifying the completion of causal treatment;

-         fully diagnosed patients ( with all the necessary diagnostic tests substantiating diagnosis and confirming the impossibility of other course of treatment than constant ventilation).

The healthcare package for mechanically ventilated patients includes:

-         medical and nursing care as for home ventilation;

-         assuring  the realization of diagnostic tests to choose the adequate respiration therapy at home.


A patient admitted by the hospice is equipped with any indispensable medical apparatus on the basis of a contract of lending for use.



A procedure for referring patients to home mechanical ventilation


A hospital doctor’s referral to long-term home care is the ground for a patient’s admission to mechanical ventilation care performed by long-term care staff.


The doctor’s order must be submitted with:

- a patient’s hospital information card;

- tests results possessed by a patient or family/guardians;

- a referral to home mechanical ventilation issued by anesthesiology specialist and intensive therapy doctor.



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