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Training-consultative program for Lodz Hospice for Children Volunteers



  1. Developing interpersonal skills needed in a volunteer’s work, such as patience, understanding other person’s situation, empathy, diagnosing and overcoming one’s own problems in contact with the needy;
  2. Getting familiar with basic terms of interpersonal communication;
  3. Integration of a volunteers’ group;
  4. Creating the right environment for analysing personal emotional tensions occurring in contact with an incurably- ill person.

Suggested topics of meetings:

  1. Verbal communication with patients;
  2. Non-verbal communication with patients;
  3. Being assertive in interpersonal communication;
  4. Voluntary work motivation;
  5. Safe ways of releasing emotional stress;
  6. Diagnosis of patients’ emotional traumas;
  7. Sociotherapy as a working method with emotionally afflicted patients;
  8. RC Method as help in providing emotional support;
  9. Non-verbal ways of giving emotional help;
  10. Searching one’s own way of working with patients;
  11. Constructive problem solving;
  12. Mediations and negotiations;
  13. Planning and motivating to the creation of one’s professional life ;
  14. Building the relationship with the patient’s family;
  15. Dealing with one’s own tension and psychological problems;
  16. Relaxation methods;
  17. Workshop of educational skills;
  18. How to help a person in serious emotional disturbance?;
  19. Self-limitations and the so-called ‘strengths’ in supporting others;
  20. The phenomenon of burning-out in helping others.



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