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Why is it worth becoming a volunteer of Lodz Hospice for Children?


It is very difficult to answer this question concisely without risking being superficial. It is equally hard to ramble about the value of voluntary work and not be labeled as someone who waffles.

I will try to answer it as straightforwardly as I can.

Volunteering is a human activity domain where something righteous and natural happens.  Selfless help meets with the one in great need. Kindliness coincides with its anticipation. It is a way giving an opportunity to develop, encompass life in broader perspective and even tackle the most vital issues of our life. While getting involved in voluntary work you can meet amazing people, thus enriching yourself. Helping gives joy and adds a new meaning to our life. Incredible? Check for yourself. Careful! You can get addicted.

Krzysztof Pękala

Lodz Hospice for Children Volunteer


How to become a volunteer of Lodz Hospice for Children?

All you need to do is contact:

1. Phone 42 656 97 97

2. Mail – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Personally

… and come to a volunteers’ meeting.

Our meetings take place almost every Friday at 4:30 pm in Lodz Hospice for Children at 10 Nastrojowa Street.XX

Look for us:

Facebook Page: 100000757355688 YouTube: Hospicjumdladzieci External Link:


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